A solution to BP spill

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A solution to BP spill

Recently it has been sggested by a russian newspaper that the BP oil spill could be stopped by a control nuclear blast, which doesn’t sit well with people.

So, instead just blast it without the nuke.

The reason nuclear weapons were suggested in the first place is due to the shear force the blast would create, which some have theorized would do the opposite abd open it more.

So, the first thing that needs to be done is gather the top mathematicians or scientists in the world to figure out if a blast that far deep would open it or close it.

Then from there if it is possible to close the spill with a blast the figure out how big of an explosion it would take to close it without nuclear weapons.

Once closed bring in all sorts of oil spill clean up companies as possible coordinated by the government.

If a blast is not possible then start trying other solutions to close up the thing.

However, what people forget there is so much oil spewing out for so long that most, if not all by now, aquatic life is already gone and will take decades to grow back.

Also, minisubmersival expert and Hollywood director James Cameron’s help has been rebuffed.

On top of that BP has shown no other interest except for saving the well to minimize its loses.

In the end, it has been going on so long that it is time for the government to step in and try things.

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