College Football Expansion: NCAA As We Know It Is Gone, So Let the Games Begin

Rick GillispieCorrespondent IIJune 14, 2010

Well the rumblings have been in the air for the past six months. When will the Big 10 make a move? What will happen to the Big 12?

Well, it finally happened with the Pac 10 accepting Colorado as a new member starting in 2012, and Nebraska followed suit going to the Big 10 starting in 2011.

Boise State jumped ship and is leaving the WAC for the MWC.

Before the dust could settle, the rest of the Big 12 South is poised to jump ship as well. But with the Pac 10 and the SEC looking to add teams of their own, nobody knows for sure what's going to happen.

With all this movement and more likely to come, the game of College Football as we know it will change.

If the Pac-10 becomes the Pac-16 and the Big 10 adds more teams then the SEC and other conferences react with additions, what will we be left with?

Let's look at the Pac-16 since that is the mostly likely thing to happen. All of the Big 12 South moves to the east side of the PAC to be joined with Arizona and Arizona State leaving the remaining eight teams in the west part.

With only 12 games on the schedule, how many games are going to be in-conference?

The Pac-10 already plays nine conference games so let's say they go to 10 conference games.

So you play each team in your division and three from other divisions and both division champs meet in the championship game. Sounds great, but is it really?

Say Texas wins the east but never has to play Oregon State, Oregon, USC, California, or Stanford because they played Washington, Washington State and UCLA.

I am not a fan of teams being crowned champs when there could be as many as five teams from their conference they never played.

Every conference that goes to 16 teams will face this battle if they don't increase their conference game total continuing to play only eight games. That is not acceptable.

Every team needs to do what's best for them, but at some point the NCAA is going to need to put a limit on teams in a conference. Sixteen is simply too many.

Looking into my magical ball I see Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Texas A&M joining the Pac 16 this week.

Next week Missouri, Rutgers, and Pittsburgh will join the Big Ten with the Big Ten waiting on Notre Dame for the Final Spot.

Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State and Baylor will join the Mountain West Conference. Giving the Mountain West 14 teams and looking to add Fresno State and Nevada.

The SEC and ACC will hold back for a while while they look at things, and the Big East will look at maybe grabbing some teams from Conference USA or the Sun Belt.

Conference crowns will enter uncharted territory as the newly realigned conferences struggle to cram in a schedule that can accomodate so many teams. College football as we once knew it is gone forever.