World Cup 2010 Predictions: Who Fabio Cappello Should Pick for Last Group Games

Steve WatersContributor IIJune 14, 2010

Although England drew with USA, the performance was so bad that it felt too many like a loss.


Still, we knew they where the toughest opponents in our group.  Now England just have to make sure that we score more goals then the Americans in the final two group matches to avoid the Germans in the last 16after watching the two Polish, Turks, and Brazilian who help make up “Germany” it would be wise to avoid them at all means possible.


Everyone is an armchair expert and I’m no different. I do not understand why Heskey plays, he is nowhere near world-class, even Jermaine Defoe is better then him but doesn’t seem to get a look in.


Here is the team I would pick if I were Cappello and why:


GK: David James

He has big tournament experience and is a great shot stopper. Not the best keeper in the world, but the best we’ve got. Still known by many as "calamity," but has been very solid in the last two or three years for Portsmouth and isn’t the liability he once was. The confidence of Green is damaged, and it is not worth risking him to build his confidence up, especially when we need to work on our goal difference.


Right Back: Glen Johnson


The only other choice really is Carragher, whose lack of pace means he is no longer good enough to play centre back at a top level and would be exposed even more at right back. Johnson offers so much going forward too; unfortunately is not the best defender.


Centre Back: John Terry


No explanation needed.


Centre Back: Michael Dawson


He was the best centre back in the Premier League last year and much better then Jamie Carragher. King is probably better, but is too injury prone and therefore playing Ledley risks the potential of having to waste a substitution, as was the case Saturday night.


Left Back: Ashley Cole

No explanation needed.


Left Wing: Joe Cole

He was the best England player in Germany four years ago, and he offers so much to the team. Cole can score goals, set them up, and is fresher then most the guys who have played 50 plus games this season.


Defensive Midfield (Anchor): Gareth Barry

Has proved that he is the best holding midfielder we have and with him in the team it allows both Gerrard and Lamps to go forward and do what they do best.


Right Wing: Aaron Lennon

Has had a good season, is a danger to any defence with his pace, and also sometimes has an end product, something you don’t get from Wright-Phillips. He needs to see more of the ball though than he did in the first game.


Central Midfiel: Frank Lampard

With Barry playing as the holding midfield player, England might actually get a player that resembles the Lampard of Chelsea.


Attacking Midfield (second striker): Steven Gerrard


He wouldn’t have to worry so much about defensive duties as Lampard would cover central midfield and Barry will cover defensive.  This would surely add to his goal tally if he plays in front of the midfield.


Striker: Wayne Rooney


Has openly admitted he plays better on his own and with his best pal at England Steven Gerrard playing a supporting role, the nation's attack could actually revolve around our best player and not Emile Heskey.  


As for the World Cup itself, its been a little bit disappointing, other than the Germans and glimpses from Argentina, we haven’t seen any great football.   But we haven’t seen Holland, Italy, Spain, or Brazil yet.  The best is yet to come, as they say.