Arachnophobia Hits The LHW Division

casey manciniCorrespondent IJuly 24, 2008

What does it mean to be the Pound for Pound best fighter in the world?

It means you have beaten the best guys in the world at your weight. If we are talking about a guy who is in the biggest organization in the world, is undefeated in said organization and has beaten a credible LHW in James "the Sandman" Irvin. We are talking about Anderson "The Spider" Silva.

Arguably you could say guys like GSP who just won the belt and has yet to defend it.  You could also make a pretty good argument for Bj Penn. He has won titles in two weight classes and is currently holding the UFC Light Weight Belt.

Still there are some guys that he needs to beat such as Kenny Florian or Roger Huerta who will square off at UFC 87. He has some work to do yet to be the P4P best. Not to mention he will need to move up and regain his 170 Lb belt from GSP or Fitch also depending on the outcome of UFC 87 in Minnesota.

Closest to Silva would have to be Fedor who yes, is a great fighter and has beaten some great fighters, but right now beating Tim Sylvia means anything, no matter how fast he beat him.

Tim Sylvia is a joke and just because he was champ doesnt make him a good fighter! Right now could you even tell me ONE exciting Tim silvia fight that he wasnt the one getting smacked around? 

Does he have any real skill or is he just a BIG guy who used his size to get to the top? This didn't last! Fedor beating this guy is like A.I. dunking on Shaq, if Tim Sylvia is a top 10 fighter as some are claiming. It shouldn't happen and if Tim Sylvia were in the NBA, A.I.would most assuredly dunk all over him.

James Irvin has KO power and KO records in the UFC and he is a threat to anyone he fights. James Irvin is far from a B level fighter, he has the kind of power that can literally end a fight in one punch. Ask Houston Alexander, Terry Martin, or Doug Marshall all of whom experienced it first hand.

Anderson Silva's fight was way more of a challenge moving up and taking on a contender at 205, and dominating him shows he is the real deal.

Fedor did what he should of done which was run right over Sylvia and expose one of the phoniest fighters in the history of MMA! This was both impressive and funny to watch.
Silva is the best fighter in the world right now and they better take him real seriously in the LHW division, or be victims of The Spider. Arachnophobia has set in at 205!!!

This is the TOP 10 Pound for Pound best fighters in the world according to MMA News:

1. Anderson Silva
2. Georges St. Pierre
3. Fedor Emelianenko
4. Quinton Jackson
5. B.J. Penn
6. Randy Couture
7. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
8. Takanori Gomi
9. Urijah Faber
10. Kid Yamamoto