Tommy Dreamer To TNA: Is That The Only Big Surprise For Slammiversary?

Ron JohnsonContributor IJune 13, 2010

So in case you don't have PPV, or haven't found a stream online, Tommy Dreamer is now in TNA.

He appeared in the crowd during the Brother Ray vs. Jesse Neal match, drawing the attention of Brother Ray, helping Neal to win by pinfall.

But is this the only big surprise by TNA tonight? It's been a slow PPV as of yet, and I believe that something else needs to happen to put this Slammiversary and TNA over the top.

Could Paul Heyman be right behind Tommy Dreamer?  It would make sense, since they both helped create and sell a brand known as ECW.  

But could that be too obvious?  Could Tommy Dreamer be the only surprise?  What are your opinions Bleacher Report fans?