Who Is Natural Born Killers?

Adam SantosContributor IJune 13, 2010

Well I will be honest this is not the Natural Born Killers movie that starred Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis, but in this case this movie is about two men who's size would leave you wondering did they really do that?

I consider them evil midgets with speed and power and skills in there own level or maybe into their own league. As a tag team their almost unstoppable with the different style they bring makes up for little flaws in the team so this is the best way I can breakdown the persona of these two crazy men who is making waves in the early stage of their wrestling career.

First, Bopp "The Machine" Gunn, is no surprise that his nickname is "THE MACHINE." he is not a good guy- (Face) or a bad guy- (Heel), but in fact in a nice shade of grey maybe a version of Brett Hart in persona I mean. Just a brutal powerhouse of wrestling knowledge that can scare any season veteran. Straight out of California he is product of what the streets bring and his hunger for knowledge and work ethics show in his matches making almost one of the most flawless wrestlers in the early history of AW. 

I will go as far as we may see him be push more than any wrestler in AW, but once again its only a prediction more than a fact. His move sets is completely out of this world great...wait I take that back I mean absolutely amazing move set, ring awareness is phenomenal in all terms of the word. I feel he is a going to be a amazing fan favorite heel or face.

Second, Dirt DeVille self proclaim, Filthiest Player in Da Game...do I sense a Ric Flair in the making?, I honestly don't think so Dirt is his own person hell he may have his own zip code that is how big he is in the ring. His move sets almost mirror copies to Bopp but he has a ruthless intention to hurt his opponent and god of my witness he is not a face at all this man is all Heel and loving it.   Very few wrestlers reach a point of greatest so fast but I see this man coming to that point with only his emotional battle cry as his calling card. he is relentless with the idea he is the greatest period in AW and maybe the world.  Don't let his height fool you, this micro-maniac has tons of power behind him and have you seen pigs fly well I haven't but I seen Dirt fly and its crazy this 5'4 person has fly from one half to the ring to the other half leaving no witnesses. This in fact most be the dangerous mentally unstable person in at least AW.

Now, where I covered there singles persona lets go to the true nature to this article the source to the material you may say, N.B.K. as the tag team weapons of AW. The Natural Born Killers is by far the most well ran team I have seen period. together the brotherhood is unmatched, come on lets be honest here there match against Bad Company wasn't even a challenge it was pitting them against couple of senior citizens, (Oh snap I forgot Roberto is close to be a senior citizen, sorry man)

But in that match you would see little to no mistakes by these men so I leave this with N.B.K. is going to be legends in wrestling.