Wednesday Night War..A Total Recap Of Wednesday, June 9th, 2010.

Adam SantosContributor IJune 13, 2010

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010 @ 9pm being held at the Bump Factory in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. 

We open up the show with two members from The Executives Club, Brandino being followed by The Judge Logan Chambers with Jin Nakamechi's AW Worldwide Championship belt. claiming that him and Chambers took care of Jin and that is the reason why he wasn't here that night. So basically in usually heel persona continues on as how he should be Champion and that Jin Nakamechi should never won it.

So after his venting was finished he challenge anyone in the back to a match, well a two time former World Heavyweight Champion & a five time Tag-team Champion, Dale "Wild Man" Mitchell accepted the challenge. The match opens pretty good with Dale Mitchell two fisherman suplexs in a row to Brandino, but Brandino got the upper hand and did this horrible finisher I think it was a block shoulder move and somehow it finished him how sad.

WINNER: Brandino

The Next Match is a Tag-team Match between Bad Company- (AJ Saint & Roberto Sanchez) vs. Natural Born Killers- (Dirt De Ville & Bopp Gunn). Now, we open the match with Roberto Sanchez starting the  match against AW No Limit Champion, Dirt De Ville we see a kick to the midsection to Dirt by Roberto shortly after that he tagged in his Partner AJ Saint, shortly after that some comical action between Bopp Gunn and AJ Saint but when AJ was done being a clown with Bopp Gunn, Dirt just started beating him down and with that he tags in Bopp Gunn who open a wide arranged of a whooping on AJ Saint. 

So somehow AJ Saint managed to crawl back to his corner to tag in his partner Roberto Sanchez meanwhile, Bopp tagged in Dirt this from this point showcase Dirt ability as a tag wizard. 

From my point of view or a personal opinion Dirt De Ville must be on of the most well rounded Tag partner to equal the abilities of Bopp Gunn, I sum it up to that Natural Born Killers or N.B.K. as the Atomic Duo of Speed, ring awareness has tighten up with great accuracy where as Bad Company is a walking, tagging, Car Crash.

No Chemistry among the two and its clearly killing them in this match, well to save you the torture of this onslaught that N.B.K. put on Bad Company, Its ultimately ended with N.B.K. coming on top.

WINNERS: Natural Born Killers-(N.B.K.) Dirt De Ville & Bopp Gunn

AFTER MATCH: Well, after the match N.B.K. stomped the crap out of AJ Saint while Roberto Sanchez watched, after that when AJ Saint got up Roberto slapped AJ in great disrespect in return AJ Saint reply a real loud slap to Roberto but ended with Roberto beating the living life out of AJ Saint.

MAIN EVENT: Brandino vs. Bopp Gunn vs. Roberto Sanchez

This is a triple threat match for the chance to face the AW Worldwide Champion, Jin Nakamechi. 

So we open the match with what seems to be the same wrestlers from Opening of show to mid-card match. 

Brandino comes out with the Judge Logan Chambers to the ring shortly being followed by Roberto Sanchez and Bopp Gunn, the bell rings with the match looking pretty with this six foot three inches of complete menacing power of Brandino, facing against a season veteran of sixteen years of experience in Roberto Sanchez who also is a former World Champion with the young and dangerous talent tag master, Bopp Gunn who is a basically a midget to other two opponents. I clearly see this as a battle of height and power in the beginning but of course AW somehow manages to come up with surprise all around talent.

Bopp Gunn hot and heavy into the match just as he was early in the night in the tag-team, just without his right hand man, Dirt De Ville reloading that adrenaline that Dirt supplies to the match. But as quick as Bopp gets in the match it is simply shorten by the menacing Brandino and his size and power.

Meanwhile, Roberto Sanchez is recovering from his bout earlier in the show that ended with a break up with long time friend, AJ Saint. But somehow with little energy Roberto Sanchez manages to crawl back into action, as this is happening Bopp Gunn is being attacked by the Judge Logan Chambers who is basically, the BFF of Brandino and clearly plays a big factor in this match. 

But in the end with a powerful Samoan Drop Slam aka The Brand Drop, to Roberto Sanchez for the pin fall leaving the win to Brandino with Bopp Gunn's effort in the wind.

WINNER: Brandino


Bopp Gunn rub his head and extends his hand in honor to Brandino only to be beaten into a lifeless shell of meat where Brandino and his partner in mayhem, Judge Logan Chambers stand over the body of Bopp Gunn.