Conference Realignment: Texas A&M May Join The SEC

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Conference Realignment: Texas A&M May Join The SEC
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Purportedly, Texas A&M Regents have secured enough votes to join the SEC as early as next week.  As the Texas Longhorns move West to the Pac-10, the Aggies are looking east to the powerhouse SEC.

Here is the big question: Texas A&M hasn't competed in quite some time in the Big-12.  What makes them think they have a chance in the SEC?

Regardless, this would be a win for the SEC.  The Aggies have a tremendous fan base, and bringing a large Texas television market to the SEC is the revenue source the conference likes.

Clearly, the Aggies would become members of the SEC West.  Does the SEC drop a current team of the West, or is there another addition to the East in the works? 

Which teams could be next to join?  How many teams will join?  Just one team addition to the SEC is not a possibility.

Conventional wisdom points to Florida State as the obvious choice.  Other choices may be Virginia Tech, Clemson, Miami (Fla), and Georgia Tech. 

Many questions still need to be answered, but the chances of four schools being added to the SEC are still good.  When the music stops, which team will be left standing without a chair to sit in?

Stay tuned.

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