USA vs. England World Cup: Do Not Tell England To Go Green!

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USA vs. England World Cup: Do Not Tell England To Go Green!
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 I know that going green is very popular nowadays, but don't tell England to go Green for the rest of the World Cup. They really won't feel like hearing it. It's understandable that you would not want to ruin the Robert Green's confidence but i'm sorry my man, you're 30 years old and you know the World Cup is the grandest stage in all of soccer. It's not the time to be holding hands. The time for that was probably during qualifying but now that the World Cup is here, players, especially Goalkeepers are on a short leash.

 You are one of 23 members on a national team, which means you and everyone else are replaceable. And by the time England plays its next match against Algeria on June 18th, Robert Green will be replaced by David James, also known by the nickname Calamity James. He did not get that nickname for good reasons. It is in reference to the blunders he's had over his career. Nevertheless what can England do? It's not like they came into the World Cup with incredible Goalkeepers. They have to use what they have, even if it is the biggest flaw of their team.

 England against the United States was the most anticipated match in the group stages of the World Cup. And after Steven Gerrard gave England a 1-nil lead in the 5th minute, England seemed like it was going to have a pretty easy victory. However, Robert Green's blunder in the 40th minute off a soft shot by Clint Dempsey caused the much anticipated game to turn in a diffrent direction.

 Now tied 1-1, the goal by the United States seemed to take all the momemtum away from England. Though nobody scored after the blunder, England seemed to just squander away every opportunity it had in the second half. Especially Wayne Rooney, who did not really touch the ball until the second half. Every time Rooney received an opportunity, the ball would always seem to find Tim Howard's hands or feet.

 Maybe, and it's just a thought, if Robert Green had not performed his own little personal Bill Buckner impersonation, England would have put a couple more balls into the back of the net. That seems a bit over the top, but that's how much a play can change the course of a game. 

 This is why Green should and will be taken away from the net and be replaced in time for England next game. Green is a 30 year old veteran. He can handle being benched, and if he can't, who cares. Be a man and take the criticism from the British tabloids. But don't worry England fans, you will still make it out of the group stages. However, now since you tied the United States, you will have to win and hope that the U.S wins less impressively than you so that your beloved England can win the group and avoid a potential matchup with Germany. Good Luck. 

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