Will USC's Probation Propel Florida's 2010 Recruiting Class Even Higher?

James WalkerAnalyst IIJune 12, 2010

When signing day 2010 rolled around, the No. 1 class was between USC and Florida.  Depending on what you read or who you listened to, the ranking belonged to one of those two schools.

The repercussions of this week's NCAA ruling against USC may elevate Florida's class clearly to No. 1, perhaps way higher.

Rules are in place inside the Pac-10 that allow Juniors and Seniors to transfer outside of the Pac-10 without losing a year of eligibility.  The barn door is open; now let's see how many horses bolt from USC.

With four years of probation, a two-year bowl ban, and large reduction in scholarships over the next three years, USC will surely lose some upperclassmen, and perhaps some freshman recruits from the class of 2010.

That being said, the Florida Gators will become the clear-cut winner of the 2010 recruiting war.

We will wait and see what is the immediate effect of USC's probation, and how it translates on the field for Florida for the next four seasons. 

The future of Florida football just got that much brighter, thanks to USC's transgressions.