The NXT Best Option Without Danielson

John DiBonaContributor IJune 12, 2010

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"WWE has come to terms on the release of NXT first season rookie Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) as of today June 11th, 2010. We wish Daniel Bryan the best in all future endeavors". This one simple statement sent shock waves through the Internet wrestling community. According to numerous fans this is the end of the wrestling world, our lord and savior Daniel Bryan has been released. The greatest angle since the N.W.O. has no chance of succeeding without our god Daniel Bryan. Whoa whoa whoa everyone just calm down and think for a minute. First of all no one seems 100 percent sure weather this is legit or if it is WWE pulling perhaps the greatest swerve ever on us Internet fans. Sure they have never faked a release before on the site but that is all the more reason to confuse the Internet fans by starting now. If his release turns out to be fake you can stop reading this article here, WWE has worked us all and made every single one of us look like idiots. However even if it is legit let's not get too crazy.

Sure Danielson was one of the most talented in ring performers the company had but they were getting along fine before he got there and I'm sure they'll be fine without him. The angle is not dead and this is not the end of good wrestling as we know it. In fact I was thinking of a few places the angle can go to still be great without him. First off WWE never mentions releases on TV and this will especially be the case considering we are not supposed to know that any rookie aside from Barrettt has a contract and mentioning his release would completely blow up kayfabe and the angle. Rather then have him just not show up all of a sudden I'd like to see WWE have someone explain that Danielson was taken out for his terrible actions towards Cena, Punk, the ring crew and the entire WWE Universe. They can explain that he needed to pay for his actions and as punishment he has been beaten so severely that he can never wrestle again. This alone ups the intensity of the angle and makes it much more serious. This can lead to the NXT rookies getting even more vicious and taking out even more people.

Eventually this could lead to something all of us want, a turn in Cena's character. No he would not be turning heel but rather changing his persona. After the NXT attacks and back and fourth continue Cena will get fed up. this could only lead to one thing, Cena cutting a promo where he says something to the effect of "So NXT rookies you want to play the game by thug rules huh? Well we can play dirty if you want. You want thug rules I'm going back to my roots...thug life!". Now Cena could continue to get his revenge as not the wholesome play by the rules, family friendly face of the company but as a bad ass, not to be messed with rogue thug who will stop at nothing to get his revenge. This change could keep him as a face while still getting all the fans that hate him now to actually care about his character again. This story itself could also usher in a return to attitude era ways. Yes that might have to wait a while till Linda's senate campaign finishes but I do see it eventually returning and this seems to be the perfect way.

Yes Danielson may have been legitimatley fired. Yes it may have been for the absolutely ludicrous reason of him choking Justin Roberts (because it's ok to show kids they can drop people on the head but god forbid they choke someone). Yes losing Danielson would suck really badly but before we all fly off the handle let's remember there was some great stuff in wrestling before Danielson and it could be just as great without him.