Schobel is a different cat

Paul KasprzakContributor IJune 12, 2010

WGR’s Joe Buscagalia penned a nice article on how he and probably many others feel about the situation with defensive lineman Aaron Schobel.

However, what people need to remember Schobel is a different cat compared to most National Football League players.

A good example of his attitude is when he wanted his contract redone.

Instead of griping within the media about wanting a new contract Schobel made his thought only known to the Bills front office and attended all organized team activities while negotiations were on going.

So, with Schobel’s recent comments that it is up to the Bills to decide I wouldn’t doubt that Schobel has quietly be known to the Bills to trade him or he will retire.

Also, Schobel very rarely has talked to the media.

In the end, unusal is just the way Schobel is.