Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) Released by WWE

Svyato Rovenchuk@TorontosClassicSenior Writer IJune 12, 2010

The following statement was released on WWE.com today: 

WWE has come to terms on the release of NXT first season rookie Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) as of today June 11, 2010. We wish Daniel Bryan the best in all future endeavors.  

Apparently Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) was released for choking Justin Roberts with his own tie last Monday on Raw during the NXT  invasion. People within the WWE (including the creative team) were informed about this. 

It was viewed as too violent for WWE’s current PG product. 

Some people say that a powerful individual from the WWE or USA Network made this complaint, resulting in Daniel Bryan’s release. The individual viewed it as too extreme for all the children who could have been watching Monday Night Raw during the segment. 

The locker room feels that Daniel Bryan is being used as a scapegoat. WWE has said that they do want to bring him back once things cool down. 


Thoughts on Daniel Bryan’s Release

Looks like PG has once again ruined wrestling. A guy who is considered by many to be one of the best wrestlers in the world today is released just because one person thought it was too violent? Give me a break. 

I understand you have children watching the program, but just because things got a bit extreme is no reason to go out and fire the guy, even if you want to bring him back in the future. 

I hope the WWE apologizes to Daniel Bryan for this, and not the other way around. This has been another great example as to why the PG rating has to go.

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