WWE: June 11 Friday Night Smackdown Review

Chris O ConnallCorrespondent IIIJune 12, 2010

Swagger, Rey, Punk and Big Show's Promos

I thought WWE booked this segment strangely: they announce a match but then have a promo for about 10 minutes instead?

Anyway, it was the same crap from Rey: I will not give up and all that. I love that the kids cheered what he said in Mexican despite the fact they had no idea what he said!

Swagger displayed some good mic skills and what he said have to be the truest words ever spoken by a heel!

Punk's mic skills were great...as usual. He also displayed some nice charisma.

Big Show was his usual self: mocking others while throwing in one or two great lines!

Kane's promo was fantastic: a great way to follow up on last week!


Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger

This was a great match. A quick-paced bout. There were one or two nice spots.

Swagger encouraged the comparisons between himself and Kurt Angle with that double underhook suplex from the top rope!

I don't think Rey should have gotten the win here; it made Swagger look very weak going into a big title defence.

How are we expected to believe that he has a chance of winning at Fatal 4-Way if he can't beat one man?

Great stuff from Kane again: it furthered his storyline nicely, but it was damaging to the World Title storyline.


Layla vs. Tiffany

Unfortunately, I was unable to see this match. I caught the last 30 seconds of it. It looked like an okay match, but I don't want to rate it, as it would be unfair.

My apologies...

Christian vs. Dolph Ziggler

Not a bad match. There was a few nice moves, but it was quite short.

This match should have been given much more time and we could have seen an instant classic (pun intended!).


Kane's Backstage Promo

This was another great segment from Kane. In a way it was touching, but it was also sick and twisted!

It was a great display of Kane's deranged side.

However, it was too short to get the rating it deserved.


Drew McIntyre / Teddy Long Segment

I have to be brutally honest here; I hated this segment.

I think that it is really lazy writing, as we have this repetitive crap every week.

Drew doesn't like something, he complains about it and gets his way.

It was entertaining for the first two weeks, but now it is simply boring.

The main issue which should be addressed is the feud between Kofi/Drew/Hardy, but it is taking a backseat to Drew reminding us all that he's untouchable.

I was so glad to see Kofi come out and kick Drew in the head. Please WWE, if you want to further the feud, put them in a match: not repetitive angles every week!


Big Show vs. CM Punk

This match was a more of an amusement attraction than a match.

It consisted of Show trying to take off Punk's mask.

There were some nice moves here and there but it was a poor match by Smackdown's standards.

Again, the ending with Kane furthered his angle nicely but damaged the World Title picture.


Final Thoughts:

Smackdown was okay this week. The highlight of the night was Rey vs Swagger. The opening promo was okay too.

The main event was poor by recent standards, though.

Kane's angle is coming along nicely: he furthered it nicely with an impressive promo and some good chokeslams.

I hope things pick up for Christian in the future.  I think he and Ziggler's talents are being wasted in this feud.

Christian should be in the World Title picture and Ziggler should be in the IC Title hunt.

Final Rating: 3.7/5


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