Daniel Bryan's Release Legit

Adam SkylarkContributor IJune 12, 2010

According to F4Wonline.com Daniel Bryan's release is legit, as the following explains:

"People in WWE, including the creative team, were told that Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) was fired for choking ring announcer Justin Roberts with his own tie during the NXT invasion angle on RAW this past Monday.

The shot was edited from replays of the angle and was described as being too violent for what WWE allows on its programming.

For what it's worth, Danielson was described as the type of person you would want your locker room filled with."

Now I don't know about you but this seems to be the most insanely stupid reason for a firing I've ever heard in my life. If anything him "choking" Justin firstly looked comical and second showed how Bryan can think on his feet to create more tension.

Did Owen Hart [RIP] get fired for nearly crippling Steve Austin with a botched piledriver? No. Seems maybe Vince must have been looking for a reason to get rid of Danielson, maybe due to his size?

Lets look at Raw and the NXT attack, Danielson was arguably the pivotal figure in that invasion with the attack on Justin Roberts, spitting on Cena and that kick. How are WWE going to just explain that way? Ignore it and pretend like it never happened?

Come on, WWE. Come to your senses and realise Danielson is more talented that almost everyone you have on the roster.

What does everyone think of this? Should Danielson return to ROH? Should he go to TNA? Would you like to see a feud with Desmond Wolfe if he does cross the line?