2010 World Cup: Eight Reasons Why Americans Will Root for New Zealand

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2010 World Cup: Eight Reasons Why Americans Will Root for New Zealand

As the popularity of football continues to grow around the world, the dividing line between countries becomes more blurred. Players are getting dual citizenship and then deciding later whom to play for.

Footballers from smaller countries are finding opportunities at major clubs. Chelsea wouldn't have finished first in the English Premier League without the remarkable efforts of Didier Drogba, an Ivorian.

Members of the United States national team earn their living in countries such as Denmark, England, France, and Germany.

Players are even using the available resources in the U.S. to improve their status as a footballer. New Zealand is much better known for rugby and cricket than soccer, and players are finding opportunities here in the States to improve their skills.

There will always be split loyalties in the United States because America is a country of immigrants. In New Zealand's case, many Americans will be cheering for the All Whites because several of their players have connections in the U.S.

Certainly, there is no harm in Americans rooting for New Zealand since they most likely will only see them play three times.

Plus, watching the Kiwis could serve as a distraction away from an American team that could disappoint its fan base in this year's FIFA World Cup.

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