The Affliction/UFC Weekend: The Way I See Things

Jason FouchaAnalyst IJuly 23, 2008

The big face off weekend has come and gone, and it left me with very mixed feelings. So, I decided to type them up and put them in an article. I'll go company by company just to make it easier.


With the Banned card gone, here are my thoughts following it.

1. I have never been a big fan of rings over cages, and Mike Whitehead reassured my dislike. Babalu probably could have finished that fight at least three times, but Whitehead went outside the ring.

2. Welcome back, Andrei! I don't know what happened, but I knew just from looking at his weigh-in pics that he was going to dominate this fight. He was ripped, and I got a little scared just looking at his pictures.

3. I know they spent a lot of money on them, but I don't think a card of Heavyweight fights is the way to go. I know not all of them were, but most were, and it just seemed a little slow.

4. I said this time and time again—names don't make a fight. Granted it helped them sell the cards, but I was bored for the majority of the fights. Barnett/Rizzo was OK, but I felt like I paid 40 dollars for two fights.

5. I will say this and only this about the main event—Tim got owned!

6. Now, I know a lot of people don't like Dana White, but does anyone else look at Tom from Affliction and go, "Wow, he looks like a douchebag!"?


1. Thank you for further proving that names don't make the fight. This card was very decent, and I actually enjoyed it more than the Affliction card.

2. Welcome back, Hermes, and sorry that your first fight back was against Edgar—he's already proven he can beat a good competitor in T. Griffin. I just wish Edgar would finish fights, but then again, neither does Griffin.

3. Brandon Vera got that win he needed at 205. Unfortunately, it wasn't that impressive.

4. The card was only two hours. I wish they could have plugged in some of the prelims.

5. I will say this and only this about the main event—James got owned!

Elite XC

1. I have still yet to see any kind of TV advertisement for Unfinished Business. I'm just throwing that out there! We all know it won't do as well as the Kimbo one, but it can at least try. In my opinion, they are the No. 2 company right now, but if they don't step it up, a certain clothing company will soon take over.