College Football BCS Bowl Predictions Heading Into Final Week

Mark ScacewaterAnalyst INovember 26, 2007

Icon Sports MediaChase Daniel put up monumental numbers on Saturday night, going 40-49 while shredding apart KU's defense like frosted mini wheats. Oklahoma opened today as a 3 point favorite over Mizzou, but I think Daniel and company will finally take the step Missouri has been trying to take for so long under coach Gary Pinkel.

Meanwhile, West Virginia has a relatively easy opponent in Pitt, a struggling Big East team that should only pose a mild threat to dismembering the BCS. As we roll into championship week, here is how I see the BCS bowls shaking out.

BCS Championship Game

#1 Missouri (BCS 1) vs. #2 West Virginia (BCS 2)

Story Line: 2 Great QB's, and 2 excellent RB's in Steve Slaton and Tony Temple. Which defense will make plays, because we know the offenses will score.

Sugar Bowl

#9 Tennessee (SEC) vs. #11 Hawaii (at-large)Icon

Story Line: The way Tennessee is playing, I expect a hard-fought victory Saturday night. Hawaii has made the necessary move into the top 12, and after they destroy Washington, they will be in the Sugar Bowl. Colt Brennan vs. Erik Ainge...2 great QB's who will surely be drafted in the early rounds of the April draft. The nation will see what happens when Hawaii plays a quality SEC team...and it won't be pretty.

Rose Bowl

#6 USC (Pac 10) vs. #3 Ohio State (Big Ten)

Story Line: Not the game. This is a season of what if's for both teams. Slip ups to Stanford and Illinois cost each team a spot in the title game.

Fiesta Bowl

Icon Sports Media#4 Kansas 9 (at-large) vs. #5 Georgia (at-large)

Story Line: KU, coming off a devastating loss to MU, will face a hot Bulldog team. But a month off should cool the Dawgs considerably. Expect a close game.

Orange Bowl

#7 Boston College (ACC) vs. #12 Illinois (at-large)

Story Line - The young, up and coming Illini, battling the veteran-laced BC team lead by future 1st rounder Matt Ryan. This would make for an entertaining game--not the star power of other bowls, but Zook's team is always fun to watch, for both good and bad reasons.