Sonnen Talks Silva: "It'll Be a Pounding and I'll Have The Hammer"

Greg ParfittCorrespondent IJune 11, 2010

The UFC 115 Fight Club Q&A took place today with Mike Goldberg and UFC Middleweight No.1 Contender Chael Sonnen.


Sonnen will challenge Anderson Silva at the upcoming UFC 117 event on August 7th in Oakland. 


Sonnen was his usual hilarious and controversial self during the event and gave some of the best quotes ever to the UFC fans and their questions.


Whether he is a legitimate threat to Anderson Silva’s crown or not, a lot of people are going to be tuning in to watch UFC 117 purely because of Chael Sonnen.


For the Team Quest member who is also a politician as well as a fighter, the title fight against Anderson represents what he has been pushing for these last four years.


When a "Spider" fan mentioned Anderson Silva’s famed striking skills Sonnen said, “100 percent of fights start standing but 90 percent end up on the ground so I’m going to throw him on his ass and smack him in the face.”


Asked by a fan Sonnen admitted to not liking Silva but said, “I am jealous of Anderson Silva, he’s got 12 lbs of gold and I want it, we can't all get along right so that’s what annoys me most and why I don’t like him.”


In regards to the fight Sonnen said, “If Chael Sonnen can’t get it to the floor, Chael Sonnen gets his ass kicked, but I’ve get a Silver medal and two world championships that says I can take him down.” 


He went on to add, “Anderson Silva speaks English, this isn’t going to be a war, it’s going to be a one sided pounding and I have the hammer.”


All the recent talk is not mind games for Sonnen, it’s just that he thinks Anderson is a fake. Sonnen said, “He bows for God's sake, he’s not from a bowing culture. If you bow in Brazil they’ll hit you over the head and steal your wallet.”


Based on what Sonnen had to say in Vancouver today the war of words between challenger and champion only looks set to heat up between now and August. 


After the Anderson bashing the focus turned to UFC 115 and what Sonnen thought about the fight card. 


Chael Sonnen picked Rich Franklin and Pat Barry to emerge victorious at UFC 115 and Paulo Thiago vs Martin Kampmann to be fight of the night.


He closed his picks by saying, “If you want to get an autograph from Mirko Cro Cop you should get it in the next 24 hours because Pat Barry is going to win that find and end his UFC career.”


Listening to the fan reaction to Sonnen here in Vancouver, it’s clear that the Oregon native will have a growing army of supporters heading into UFC 117.


For many fans he is exactly the type of opposition needed to make Anderson Silva fight. 


Win or lose after UFC 117 MMA and likely non-MMA fans will know who Chael Sonnen is and where he is going.