Five Reasons Why LeBron James Should Be a Los Angeles Clipper

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Five Reasons Why LeBron James Should Be a Los Angeles Clipper

The curse of the Clippers is a well-documented basketball tragedy. Maybe the most pathetic franchise in sports, "the other LA basketball team" has been nothing but a punchline for the better part of 20 years.

They are the ugly step-kid to the beloved son, the Lakers. Actually, they're not even the step-kid. They are more like the ugly step-kid's ugly girlfriend.

Nobody goes to their games, nobody cares about their games, nobody cares who plays, and nobody cares about their results. Especially their owner Donald Sterling, who from a basketball perspective is a complete and total joke.

This past decade, the Clippers have won more than 40 games only one time, which resulted in their only postseason appearance. In fact, they have won fewer than 30 games in half of those seasons.

Not only that, the Clippers continue to possess the worst combination of bad luck and poor decision-making in this league. This was never more apparent than when they selected Blake Griffin with the first overall pick in last year's draft.

Of course, Griffin suffers a season-ending knee injury, and while the word is he will be back healthy and ready to roll for 2010, one has to wonder if he will ever fully recover.

Knowing all of that, why in the hell would LeBron James ever go to the Los Angeles Clippers?

(Before I start here, allow me to point out the Clippers should change their team name stat. I don't really care to what, but it's just an awful name. Also, it's become synonymous with defeat and despair in sports pop culture and brings to mind only a pathetic franchise that never wins anything. )

Given all this failure, all their shortcomings, and all their struggles, I still believe LeBron should pick the L.A. Clippers in the upcoming offseason.

He has a chance to completely change the course of a franchise that for decades has been the laughingstock of the league.

Yes, the Clippers have not been good. But I would argue that somehow, the pieces are there for them to work, and it's up to LeBron to make them fit.

Very rarely does the athlete have the opportunity to make history by resurrecting a dead franchise.

LeBron has exactly that opportunity and if he were to succeed with the Clips, he would go down as more than just a legend—he would be a basketball savior.

On to the reasons.

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