Evan Bourne In Life For Big Push But What Kind Of Push Do They Mean?

Jeff TerryContributor IJune 11, 2010

  Ok as we read Evan Bourne is in line for a big push. I am happy  to hear that but what do they mean by push. We hear this every year Morrison , Ziggler , McIntyre , MVP and even Kofi Kingston. They are all said to get a big push but it last for a month sometimes not even that and fades them back in a worst spot than they where. McIntyre has looked like a joke all 2010 , MVP has been assigned to be partners mostly with the Kool Aid man , Morrison has faded to teaming with the job squad a few months ago. I do admit putting Bourne in a tag match in main event on Raw vs arguably 2 of your top heels letting him get a lot of offense in and letting him pin the Celtic Warrior is huge.


   But when they say Evan Bourne in line for major push I wonder what do they define as a major push. Bourne was playing jobber duty for most of his time on Raw. I just don't see Bourne as nothing more than a great US champ or Intercontinental Champ. I know WWE is trying to soften up the fans to like smaller guys with Kaval and Daniel Bryan coming up to main roster. But I hope Bourne does get a long push not a short 3 week push then next thing we know he tagging with Goldust and Hornswoggle. Evan Bourne is a great worker with great innovative moves I hope the best for him. We will see how serious WWE is but its always good to have the face of the company John Cena begging Vince to push the guy.