Eagles Shed Light on Dim Situation as Patriots Win 31-28

Chris AllenSenior Analyst INovember 26, 2007

http://static.nfl.com/static/content/public/image/getty/2007/09000d5d804876b9_gallery_600.jpgThe Philadelphia Eagles helped shed a small bit of light on a somewhat grim situation: the Patriots unbeaten streak. The Eagles were within a field goal of the win as the clock ran out and helped show that, with some perseverance, the Patriots could be beaten.

The Eagles were in the red zone and looking to take the win when QB A.J. Feeley threw the ball up into the endzone where it was caught by Asante Samuel—the Patriots ran down the clock for the win.

Tom Brady also threw for a record this season of one touchdown pass 19 yards to Jabar Gaffney with eight seconds left in the first half, making the score 21-14 for the Eagles.

Gostokowski also missed a field goal from 32 yards.

This game was close all around, but the Patriots stepped up their second half game and pulled back up to take the three point win. This is their second lowest score of the season (the lowest being against the Indianapolis Colts) however this was the Patriots closest game all season.