Updated: Texas and Others To Join Pac-10, But Where Is A&M?

Dylan MartinContributor IIIJune 11, 2010

A couple of days ago, Colorado left the Big 12 to join the Pac-10.

Today, Nebraska officially joined the Big 10, creating ripples throughout the Big 12 and effectively killing it.

Now reports are now coming from Orangebloods.com that with Nebraska gone, Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State are joining the Pac-10.

But wait a minute.

There is a team missing from this report: Texas A&M.

With A&M out of the report, rumors of the SEC snatching A&M seem to be true.

Yesterday, I wrote that the Pac-10 should watch out for the SEC because they might steal a team or two.

Well, this seems true. 

While the SEC did not get a major team such as Texas or Oklahoma, they may have a footprint in Texas.

But enough with the SEC talk.

If reports are true, then the Pac-10 has now grown to 15 teams, creating the first super-conference. It may sting a little for not getting A&M as of now,  but Texas and Oklahoma are huge additions.

Need more proof a possible SEC and A&M collision? NBC Sports is now reporting that there is a possible invitation sent to Kansas to join the Pac-10. Also the Aggies have been given a 72 hour deadline to decide were they are going. This was given by the other four teams leaving for the Pac-10.

More to come as this story develops.