The Other Side: Dixie Carter's Surprise/ Slammiversary 8 Predictions.

Chad PortoContributor IJune 11, 2010

Last nigh we were given a cryptic message from Dixie Carter in the form of a tweet.  It read

“It’s 6:30 am. Been up for hours. So excited I can’t sleep. TNA’s about to change forever. Can’t wait to share it w/you, my staff, the talent”

Now for lets just look at this rationally, let's take Dixies word that she really couldn't sleep.  Would this be a small surprise?  An Al Snow run in?  Shane Helms debuting?  No.

We can rule out all the small surprises.  We can rule out all "typical surprises" like a 3rd opponent for the main event (Samoa Joe) a last minute King Of The Mountain Match or anything of the like.

But what can't we rule out?

1)  A full time 2nd show of wrestling.  I've been bashed for this before, but I truly believe a prime time, late night show on Saturday with 3-4 matches and a recap vibe like old school WCW Saturday Night for an hour is exactly what TNA needs.  The idea that Spike forks up the cash for this needs to happen as TNA is the 2nd highest rated show behind the Ultimate Fighter and if Spike looses Impact, believe it or not, but Spikes' gonna be in trouble, seeing how the Scream Awards, VGA's and TUF are not a weekly show that they can rely on.

2)  A New network.  Believe it.  When looking at the numbers it's no surprise TNA get's low ratings because the only variable that hasn't changed in 5 Spike t.v.  You get rid of Spike TV and the ratings go up.  Remember, when Raw went to TNN/Spike t.v., Raw brought steady 5's and 6's and the ratings went way down on Spike to 4's.  TNA has gone up nearly .6 since going to Spike t.v.   Numbers' don't lie, and a smaller promotion has done well on a smaller network, but it's time to go to a bigger pond.

3) A MAJOR name.  Let me explain MAJOR to you.  This does not mean Team Angle, Shane Helms, The Burchills or even Carlito. Can you name all the major players with out contracts? How aBout someone that is only considered a longshot, or a joKe to go to TNA? 

Bottom Line:  This surprise is gonna do a lot of good in my opionion for TNA, regardless of what it is.

TNA Slammiversary VIII Card/Breakdown/Predictions

Jess Neal vs. Brother Ray

- This has done more for Neal's career then any other angle over the last year.  It's got that real raw emotion feeling and it's doing a great job in showing why Brother Ray has always been one of the better heals of our generation.  With Moore in Neal's corner and Brother Devon presumably in Ray's corner, it's going to be one heck of a brawl.

Results: Logic would dictate that Ray would have this match in control but, with Devon on one side, and Moore on the other, Ray is actually out numbered.  I expect Neal to pull this one out to the shock of the entire crowd.

Desmond Wolfe vs. Abyss w/Chelsea - Monsters Ball Match

- The two men have truly been fighting it out lately.  Abyss got tore up by Wolfe not to long ago and Chelsea has been showing some hesitation.  Typical storyline stuff.  This isn't supposed to be  legendary angle or a career making angle.  But the Monsters Ball Match is going to be as brutal as they come and people will remember that.

Results:  Expect Chelsea to swerve Abyss and help Wolfe win

A.J. Styles vs. Jay Lethal

- This is a straight up match that has me thinking "instant classic".  With Kaz having to deal with Angle and Flair, as of now, not scheduled to appear, it's safe to say this stays one on one.  Styles has been built up as the company's 2nd heel behind Sting.  I wouldn't even say 2nd, I'd say 1-A and 1-B.  Styles is leading the group of Beer Money, Wolfe and I guess Kaz.  Lethal on the other hand is doing is damnedest to get in the heads of Styles/Flair by doing his best Ric Flair impersonations.  Lethal has a more serious, but also light hearted "love's what he does" attitude and that's an attitude that people will get behind.

Results:  Styles doesn't loose often, so I don't expect him to loose Sunday.  However, if he was to loose, by hook or crook, or even by fluke, it'd be this Sunday.

Kurt Angle vs. Kaz

- Kaz was put in at number 10 because Angle refused to be handed the number 2 spot.  Angle wants to rip through the entire top ten until he gets to the TNA World Champion. Hey Kaz?  hope you liked being in the top ten!

Results: Kurt Angle is a good, competitive, but easy to call match.

Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson vs. Beer Money

- This has been one of the funniest sets of promo's from Mr. Anderson I've ever seen in my life.  He is by far the best talker in pro wrestling today.  If Cena wasn't so handcuffed by bad writing one could make the case for him.  But Hardy and Anderson have this odd Asshole respect if you will...  And Beer Money is seeking to destroy two of the biggest stars in TNA right now.

Results: I gotta go with Anderson and Hardy.  Beer Money is legit the best tag team in pro wrestling today, but if this Anderson/Hardy resepct thing is gonna work, then they need a convincing win.  Don't surprised if Hardy and Anderson both hits Seanton Bombs.

Madison Rayne(c) vs. Roxxi - Knock Out Title

- The feud doesn't have to much going in other then Rayne's a BP and Roxxi has always been the complete opposite of that.  Roxxi is being built up well in the time given and is a viable threat to win the title.  She'll win this match but not the belt.

Results: Roxxi via DQ

Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan

- With Morgan getting taken out on a stretcher on Impact and the Band not having a tag team match anymore, I'd almost guess that it'd be The Band vs. LAX here.  But assuming they do go with this match, (even though holding off til Victory Road is smarter) it will be something to watch

Results: LAX if they go tag team titles or Hernandez

Douglas Williams (c) vs. Brian Kendrick - X-Title

- Kendrick has a win over the champion and gave a great promo for the match this past Impact.  Williams is viewing Kendrick as just another spot monkey.  The match will steal the show for sure.  Don't doubt that at all.

Results:  Douglas Williams is going to hold this title for a long time.

Stings vs. Rob Van Dam (c) - TNA World Title

- There has been some.... criticism about this angle.  There has been some people who bash this angle. But last night on Impact Sting and RVD gave in my opinion as great as a take home show as possible.  Sting told RVD that all RVD to him is a puppet.  He doesn't even think that RVD knows about whats going on in TNA and that the title is Deception.  Deception that keep RVD from seeing the truth or from RVD revealing the truth.  And that Sting is gonna take the belt off of him so he may see the truth of the matter.  I for one am looking forward to the out come of the match because one way or another we'll see some answers

Results: I'm the biggest Sting fan in the entire world I'm always happy for him to win the title, and he still can go with the best of them.  But in order for this angle to work, RVD needs to win so Sting to reveal more of his plan and his reasoning. So I'm going with RVD to retain.

Overall Bottom Line:  Surprise aside this has been one of the most fan friendly shows yet.  Of everyone on this list, only Sting, Angle and Ray are of the older generation and we are getting some fresh match ups.  The surprise is going to be something special I feel and the card is going to be one of the most well executed as of yet.  With Hogan and Bischoff taking less and less t.v. time and focusing more on the in ring action, it's safe to say that the Bischoff/Hogan regime is listing.


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