College Football Realignment: New Name for the Pac 10?

DJ BatchlerCorrespondent IJune 11, 2010

While it's safe to say that the Pac 10 will look absolutely nothing like it has before, neither will the logo.  Obviously you can't have 16 teams in the Pac 10.  Well, it's possible that you could get away with it, the Big 10 has more than ten teams, but that's them.

So with Colorado already added to the Pac 10 roster, and more to come, it's time to start considering names for the new "super conference" out west. 

Names like Surf & Turf, Super West, Pac 16 and the Western Conference have been thrown around.  I like them, but I think it'll be something a little different come game time.

This idea sort of stems from one of the reasons for these realignments other than financial situations.  The SEC is THE conference in football, please hold all hate mail.  The SEC has produced more BCS National Champions, and they have quite a little streak going in those title games.

I fully expect the numbers of Southern Cal against the SEC and other teams against the SEC to be brought up, but that isn't what this is about.  This is simply about the expansion of the Pac 10 and their need for a new name.

With the SEC being the powerhouse, why not stick it to them a little bit before you get them on the field? 

Make the new conference name the WEC.  No, not the Western Eastern Conference, though with some of the teams being added it is.  It truly will be the Western Elite Conference.

WEC could possibly clash with World Elite Cagefighting, but maybe some kind of arrangements could be worked out.  It is college football for crying out loud.  Drop the E down to a lower case e and have the WeC and at least it would look different.

When it comes to restructuring, no doubt financially this will benefit many, but the new Pac 10 are sitting on a potential gold mine.  Mind you this is out of humor, though it actually could work.  Have the new Pac 10 reach an agreement with Phoenix based hotel chain Best Western, and be the Best Western Conference.

They're out west, it's still playing on Elite, they'd have a sponsor for the Conference Championship game, and they'd have their travel covered.  If there isn't a Best Western hotel in the cities they stay regularly, build one.  That creates jobs and helps the economy. 

So with Best Western Conference and Western Elite Conference already discussed I guess there's still another name that should be considered. 

The Big 10 and Big 12 have been around for quite some time, and the Big 12 seems to be on it's way out. That leaves an opening in the "Big" department. 

How about the Big 16? 

That'll surely rub some people the wrong way, all the while having name recognition.  The only problem is, will that confuse the fans who don't really keep up with what's going on?  Will they think the Big 16 is a Big 12 with four new teams? 

Surely not.

Well these are just three of a plethora that have been discussed and a few more ideas.  Would love to see or hear your own ideas thrown in as well.  Who knows, maybe, just maybe one of our ideas will be snagged by the artists formerly known as the Pac 10.