What Should Be The LAST Golden Tate Doughnut Article On Here!!!!

kyven11Contributor IJune 10, 2010

I'll make this short and sweet... enough is enough with Golden Tate and the maple bars. Contributors on here have written a baker's dozen and some odd articles about this non issue so much that as a fanbase we've completely stopped talking about football and our beloved Seahawks.

It's a publicity stunt and if it's not then at the very least it was an innocent mistake. Tate and the owner are friends, Tate lives in the building where this place operates, Tate gets free doughnuts all the time during normal business hours, Tate's team is sponsored by this company. The only difference at 3am on June 8th was that the owner wasn't there only the night baker who had no idea what was going on. There was no breaking and entering. He called the police, they came, the owner was called in, found out it was his friend Golden Tate and refused to press charges. Tate isn't Mike Vick, Tate isn't LT (not the RB), Tate isn't even Leroy Hill. It was a miscommunication, case closed can we talk about the Seahawks now?