The Ultimate Fighter, Season 11: Episode 11 Recap

Jay BrennanCorrespondent IJune 11, 2010

DALLAS - SEPTEMBER 19:  UFC fighter Vitor Belfort  (L) battles UFC fighter Rich Franklin (R) during their Catch weight bout at UFC 103: Franklin vs. Belfort at the American Airlines Center on September 19, 2009 in Dallas, Texas.  (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)
Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

The show started with Dana White showing Rich Franklin the new TUF gym.


Rich Franklin signed the contract to fight Chuck Liddell.


Franklin will be coaching Team Ortiz for the last week of the show.



At the Training Center


Dana White introduced Team Ortiz to their new head coach, Rich Franklin.

He then announced that the new assistant coaches are Forrest Griffin, Gray Maynard, and Tyson Griffin.


Team Ortiz grabbed their new Team Franklin shirts.



Team Franklin Training Session


Forrest Griffin said that he and Franklin are on the same page with training.


Maynard and Tyson Griffin are shown giving McCray some techniques against the cage.



Team Liddell Training Center


Gene Hackleman pointed out the large marquee picture change.


Liddell said, “It’s kind of a hard thing; I go from fighting a guy I hate to one of the nicest guys in MMA.”


Brad Tavares talked about forming a bond with the other members of his team.


Hackleman said, “It’s awkward, uncomfortable,” pertaining to Tavares having to fight his teammate McGee. He said that they are both still training together.


Liddell said, “It’s going to be one of the hardest things to watch.”



At the House


McGee and Rich Attonito said they decided to get Tavares, McCray, and Yager back for their late night antics.


Some of the fighters went into the rooms of Tavares, McCray, and Yager with blow horns and silly string to wake them up early.


Tavares was upset about it and threw the chess board onto the floor.





Bryant predicted it will be a crazy fight.


Dana White picked Court McGee to win.



Brad Tavares vs. Court McGee Fight


Round One


The start of the fight saw McGee and Tavares trading strikes.


McGee clinched with Tavares against the cage and eventually brought him down.


McGee landed in half guard and attempted to improve his position. Tavares replaced guard and kicked McGee off so that he can stand up.


McGee and Tavares are viciously throwing bombs at each other.


McGee gets double under hooks and drives Tavares against the cage. Tavares quickly switched his hips away from the cage and broke loose from the clinch.


McGee clinched with Tavares against the cage and proceeded to drop him.



Round Two


Round Two started much like Round One with both fighters trading shots.


Much of the round was like a boxing match until McGee went for a double-leg.


McGee landed some leg kicks to mix it up.


Tavares returned the favor but his leg kick was caught by McGee.



Round Three


Both guys come out with fire and started throwing their hands.


Tavares landed a leg kick onto McGee’s groin area to suspend the fight.


McGee recovered and went back to the war.


McGee drove Tavares against the cage but was unable to put him down.


McGee landed a nice right on Tavares that shook him up a little. McGee followed by attempting a takedown.


Tavares took a groin shot from McGee to suspend the fight again.


McGee landed a devastating outside leg kick on Tavares.


McGee hit Tavares again in the groin area which gets him a warning from the referee.


They both touch gloves and McGee shook him up again with a shot to the jaw. McGee took him down and secured a rear naked choke for the victory with only 17 seconds left in the fight.



Winner Announced


Court McGee will go to the TUF Finale.





Dana White congratulated both fighters for having a great fight. Brad Tavares is visibly upset with his loss.



At the Training Center


The Marines and TUF cast trained together. The Marines showed the TUF cast how they prepare for battle. Some of the fighters participated in some pugil stick fights. The TUF cast showed the Marines some jiu-jitsu escapes.



At the House


The Marines and TUF cast had a BBQ at the house.


Yager decided to get back at the other guys by taking a couple of the fighter’s left shoes.


Yager threw a bag of flour out his window at Hammortree. Hammortree went into Yager’s room and dumped some trash on his bed. Yager responded by grabbing some seeds and throwing them on Hammortree’s bed.


Yager and Hammortree got in each other’s face.


Uscola went after Yager but was held up.


The other fighters called Yager out for quitting.


Uscola called Yager outside to fight. Yager acted like he was serious but never came outside.


Yager returned the shoes to the fighters.


It looks like all the cast members besides “The Minority Report” wants to fight Yager.



Josh Bryant vs. Kris McCray Fight


Round One


McCray went for the takedown from the onset. He eventually got Bryant to the ground after several seconds of driving.


Bryant stood up from the takedown, but McCray pushed him against the fence and landed another takedown.


Neither fighter inflicted any real damage during their stand-up exchanges.


McCray pushed Bryant against the cage, but he was able to circle out quickly.


Bryant clinched with McCray against the fence.


Bryant finally landed some nice shots on McCray to finish out the round.



Round Two


Bryant looked determined at the start of the round.


McCray powered Bryant against the cage. Bryant was able to break away.


McCray landed a few shots to Bryant’s face.


Bryant pushed McCray against the fence but couldn’t do much so the referee broke it up.


Bryant controlled McCray by the fence but wasn’t able to land anything significant.


McCray started to look tired and Bryant attempted to take him down without success.



Round Three


Both fighters touched gloves to start the round.


Bryant was determined to keep it standing and landed some decent shots on McCray.


Bryant rocked McCray with an uppercut with half the round left.


Both fighters clinched and danced until they broke.


They traded knee shots in the clinch until they pushed free.


Bryant and McCray looked exhausted with less than a minute left in the fight.


McCray attempted a late takedown to finish the round.



Winner Announced


Kris McCray by unanimous decision.





Rich Franklin joked about being the only undefeated coach in TUF history.



UFC 115 Promotion


Both Liddell and Franklin comment about their upcoming fight.



Preview for the Next Show


The show will consist of highlights and deleted scenes from the past season.



Kris McCray vs. Court McGee for the Ultimate Fighter Finale on June 19th , 2010.




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