Open Mic: Retirement and The NFL

Darkside KesslerCorrespondent IJuly 23, 2008

So one of the NFL's greatest QB's decides to call it quits, again.  Or did he, again.  I mean seriously if you want to leave the game, leave already.  The damage done to teams and fans by this wishy washy attitude is ridiculous.  I saw Greg Jennings on the NFL Network trying to be political about this whole fiasco, basically saying the team will support whoever is at the reigns when the season kicks off.  Why?  Why support Favre?  He hasn't supported the team.  Aaron Rodgers is going into his 4th year, and why was he picked up, because Favre couldn't decide what he wanted.  So we let Rodgers rot?  I don't think so.  It is time for the reigns to be past on to the next in line.

This whole situation takes me back a few years to when Junior Seau retired, or did he graduate?  I can't remember.  Junior signs a 1 Day contract with San Diego, cries about how he loves his hometown and he is going to miss every bit of it, he gets inducted into the Chargers Hall of Fame and then he splits for greener pastures, I mean snowy pastures.  I'm a Raider fan and even I think that was screwed up what he did to the Charger faithful, all 3 of them.  The whole, "This isn't a retirement, it's a graduation", speech makes a little more sense after he signed with NE.  He told his entire hometown that their team sucks and he wants to play for a cheating winner.

Now really, who takes an NFL player saying they are going to retire seriously, unless it's Barry Sanders.  Who knows why players come out of retirement.  Why would a boxer come out of retirement?  Is it money?  Is it fame?  Is it love for your profession?  The answer is YES.  Every player has a reason.  Is Favre wrong in wanting to come out of retirement, NO.  Is he hurting his team by his indecision, YES.  Is the team allowing themselves to be drawn in by this fiasco, the season will tell.