New Jersey Devils Officially Moving Affiliate To Albany

Lauren CullenContributor IJune 10, 2010

It's official, as of the 2010-2011 the former Lowell Devils will now be back in Albany. If anyone keeps up with AHL as I do, you will know that the New Jersey Devils moved their team out of Albany a few seasons ago. They were replaced be the Colorado Avalanche/Carolina Hurricanes affiliate. Then they became the Carolina Hurricanes affiliate. However, the Carolina Hurricanes decided to move the Albany River Rats down to Charlotte so that they would be closer. While it left Albany fans in an uproar, it made perfect sense to me (it's an 11 hour drive from Albany to Raleigh). 

So with Albany being vacant and in need of a hockey team, there were plenty of interested teams. The logical choice however was New Jersey being interested in moving their team back to Albany. So with the approval from AHL's President and CEO as well as the Board of Governors the Lowell Devils will now be in Albany. They will be known as the Albany Devils. Let's see if this can bring back some much needed hockey excitement back in Albany. Just wish they weren't getting rid of Rowdy the Rat.

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