Don't you know that wrestling's rigged? WWE Girl's most annoying question.

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Don't you know that wrestling's rigged?  WWE Girl's most annoying question.
Why is it annoying?  Simple.  I get asked it by people that read my stuff.  Alot.  :D
So here's my reply and maybe, just maybe people will get why wrestling's fun for anyone at all.

Have you ever heard the term "willing suspension of disbelief"?  It's what our minds do to enjoy movies in which things we know to be impossible or improbable happen with ease.  It's how we can appreciate illusions at a magic show.  It's also the way that most people watch their favorite television shows (my mother still talks about Erica Kane facing down a bear on "All My Children").

Okay, yes, I know that wrestling is fixed and I know that WWE creative is behind all the storylines. However, during the time that the show is on, it doesn't matter, which is why I tend to do my writeups while the show is on... while it's tapping into that entertainment with a "willing suspension of disbelief" button pressed and held down.

Knowing this does not make the experience any less entertaining.  What these men do to their bodies for our 'entertainment' is nothing short of shocking.  Jumping off that top rope onto another person (who might have their knees up) is going to be painful, even if you somehow manage to cushion the blow.  Having your pyro go off and blow up insisde your jacket (The Undertaker) and running to the ring to STILL go through a match where people are going to be slapping those burns has to take a toll on your body.  Wrestling though your knee has needed surgery for months is unimaginable... most of us wouldn't even go to our mundane office jobs with Mysterio's knee injury.  We'd be getting that thing fixed, immediately.

So while yes, I know it's fixed, and I know it's all up to WWE creative to come up with storylines for our viewing pleasure, I will not say it is not a sportsman's passtime.  I've seen too many things that HAD to hurt at least in some respect to ignore it.  And as for the storylines, yeah, some get me and some don't, but behind each one, -many- people are trying to entertain me. Of course the reasons aren't altruistic, they want me to watch their next show and buy their WWE merchandise.  But I can live with the latter, so long as the former is worth my time.   And so far, it's been a great time..

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