A Propostion For a New Major League Baseball Playoff Format

Ben SandbergCorrespondent IJune 10, 2010

The Major League Baseball playoff format has been altered numerous times throughout history. In 1995, the MLB adopted the wild card playoff spot. In each league(National and American), there are east, central, west, and wild card playoff spots. Since 1995, there have been countless incidents where teams with far better records than playoff teams miss the cut for the postseason. 

Since Bud Selig enacted banned substance legislation in the sport, power catergories(HR,RBI,SLUG,etc.) have readily decreased. The tragic decline of these numbers correlates to the competitive improvement of the sport. Currently, there are eight teams above .500 in the American League, while there are nine teams above .500 in the National League. Clearly, the level of parity between abilities of ball clubs has immensely grown closer. 

The proposition would parallel that of the NFL Playoff Format. The NFL Playoff Format consists of an east, north, south, west, and two wild card playoff representatives for both the American Football Conference and National Football Conference. Since there are only three divisions in the MLB, the team with the best regular season record in each league would receive a BYE in the first playoff round. The two winners of the first round would play each other in the second round. The winner of the second round would face the team with the best regular season record for the league's pennant. After winning their league's pennant, the two teams would face off in the World Series.