Beat down in FCW! The Generation NXT Is Here to Stay(With Video From FCW)

JC AugustineCorrespondent IJune 10, 2010

Hi ya'll, it's 3:05 AM eastern time and I finally have gotten around to writing the first of two articles that are going to shape, at least the near future, of the wrestling world (TNA and WWE really).

As many of you know (and you should know by now), the entire rookie roster of NXT came out at the end of the May 7, 2010 three hour special of Monday Night Raw during the main  event between John Cena and CM Punk and destroyed Cena, Punk, the SES, and every crew member of the WWE (except Cole, sadly). 

Ideas were ranging between a NXT new faction to a shock value ending to RAW to help try to improve ratings for the debut of season two (and they still haven't changed that frickin theme song).

At last night's FCW show, the main event was between Christian and the Miz vs Heath Slater and Bryan Danielson. The match went for 15 minutes and then ended in a no contest win, and then the rest of the NXT Grads surrounded the ring and took out Christian and the Miz. After that they destroyed the ring and the surrounding area, which included a glass vase that wasn't suppose to be destroyed (the look on the agent's face gave it away). 

Last night's events tell us two things: One; The NXT Domination is not going away any time soon and two; something big is happening with this storyline.

When was the last time anyone heard of a storyline being carried over to FCW. Also, the wrestlers of NXT season one were considered the best stars that would come into the WWE, and the graduates are looking strong.

Please think back to the rookies you met at the debut of NXT and now look at what happened to Cena on Monday. Criticize NXT as much as you want, but it has helped developed these amateur wrestlers (Danielson excluded) into bad ass mofo's that just made every fans wet dream come true when they kicked Cena's ass. All I have to say is that the WWE now has me glued to the TV and I am not missing any shows, at least for the near future.  


here's a link to the beat down at the FCW show

thanks to Colin Peary for finding the link