Failure To Launch Youngsters???????????

chelsea fanaticContributor IJune 10, 2010
Author: Sushant Sathe (All the post is in my personal opinion)

First of all let me make myself very very clear about this. I am a die hard Chelsea fan and will remain for my life. BUT, facts are facts and we all must accept them. We are nowhere near the
likes of Manchester United, Arsenal and Barcelona when it comes to Youth academy and developing great talents, stars of the future rather than buiyng from outside from the market and silly prices.
Look at Barcelona; 8 players in their current first team are from the academy who have cost nothing. Manchester United; scoles, giggs, neville brothers, becks etc Arsenal; limnitless really.Just compare these 3 clubs to ours and you will know where we stand..NOWHERE NEAR..

Rather we are selling some great young talents that are gonna be stars of the future. Sold Frank Nouble to West Ham last summer. Jack Cork is also looking to move and the heart breaking news that flashed my computer screen that WE SOLD STOCH, made we go mad. I felt like breaking the screen of my computer. But then felt, why must i damage my goods for STUPIDITY of our club..Many fans will go red in the faces on being called Chelsea stupid.But when it comes to youth academy WE ARE STUPID.

Michel Platini, the most jealous man of English footbal, is working his ass off to lower the popularity of premier league by imposing strict rules on transfer market dealings of the clubs and wage structures. This is the most crucial period for Chelsea where we must hold onto our young talented players and developing them into stars rather than buying equally talented plyrs from outside at inflated abnormal prices. But here are we, selling one of our best youth player. He was ready for the first team. He is 20 years old and took FC Twente by storm. Saw his videos on You Tube and i was desperate and actually looking forward to see him play for Chelsea upcoming season. But...

We keep bitching about Real Madrid. They are club with no ideology, they keeping buying players, never develop young players from their academy. I ask you all, do we really have a right to bitch about Real Madrid, when we are actually turning out to be Real MAdrid of England ???

I want your comments on this one guys and gals