Filling the John Ferguson Jr. Void in Toronto

Tyler LavoieCorrespondent INovember 25, 2007



Indeed David Bowie put it best, but who will fill the void and take over for John Ferguson Jr. who's departure will "leave us up to our necks in it"? 

Paul Maurice said in an interview following a loss in Dallas "things haven't been very fun around here in a few weeks".

Without change in some form it only looks to continue.

30th in the league defensively suggests change needs to occur in an area which will see Toronto's defensive play improve, but easier said than done. 

Pavel Kubina is out indefinitely with a torn right MCL. He's costing the Leafs $5 Million a season for 2 more years. Tomas Kaberle earns an average of $4.3 Million a season. He is under contract for another 3 years, with next year being the last of the 'no-trade-clause years'. Bryan McCabe comes in at $5.8 Million a season, also with a no-trade-clause, and until he's 36 (2011/2012).

For change to occur defensively something will have to be done with at least one of these big 3.

Rumors coming out of a local newspaper speak of new management. With John Ferguson Jr's days numbered some big names are in the mix. Word around the NHL suggests the Leafs will only make a move in the GM position if they are able to have a star name such as Steve Yzerman, Ron Francis, or Mark Messier as their man.

Success and leadership are second nature to each of these 3, however, is there the ability to make the necessary moves needed to improve the Toronto Maple Leafs?

With players in the middle of contracts worth big money, and no-trade-clauses hindering a GM's ability to trade a player, what good does bringing a new GM into a situation which doesn't have a remedy in the near future do? 

I'll tell you what: experience.

If any of these 3 Hall of Famers decide to come into Toronto, let them. Their leadership is second-to-none and maybe, just maybe, some of the success they've had will rub off.

Until their contracts run out the Leafs are pretty much stuck with Kubina, Kaberle, and McCabe. Let a new GM come in, get accustomed to the organization, and by the time these players are up for Free Agency there will be room to groom a contender.

Thanks for reading, and please let everyone know what you think! TL.