Big Ten Expansion: A Glance at Nebraska's Record Against Big Ten Teams

B.Senior Analyst IJune 10, 2010

UNIVERSITY PARK, PA - SEPTEMBER 14:  Cory Ross #22 of Nebraska is tackled by Derek Wake #94 of Penn State during the NCAA football game at Beaver Stadium in University Park, Pennsylvania on September 14, 2002. The Penn State Nittany Lions defeated the Nebraska Huskers 40-7.  (Photo by Rick Stewart /Getty Images)
Rick Stewart/Getty Images

College football writers all across the country are shaking off the carpal tunnel caused by a recent flurry of expansion-related stories.

In what is normally the deadest month in college football, June 2010 will go down as one of the more memorable months in college football history. 

Chicago Tribune columnist Teddy Greenstein writes that a source with knowledge of the expansion talks has confirmed that Nebraska will be invited to apply for Big Ten membership with an official announcement expected Friday. 

This will be the first team added since Penn State was invited to join back in 1990. The conference appears to be content with inviting just one team, giving the league three of the five winning-est Division I programs in history.

The addition of Nebraska allows the conference to form two divisions and create a conference title game—something many coaches in the league have longed for over the years.

While nothing is official yet, there have been a number of varying unconfirmed and unnamed sources from media outlets, including reports that Nebraska athletic director Tom Osborne has informed his staff of an impending move.

It seems all that's left to determine are the new Big Ten divisions and a timeframe for Nebraska's conference games.

While the finer details get worked out, we can look to the past to get an idea of how Nebraska will handle themselves in their new conference. HuskerPedia , a website full of any and every statistic compiled on the Cornhuskers, provides a glimpse into the past success (or lack thereof) that Nebraska has had against Big Ten teams.

In the course of its long-standing football tradition, Nebraska has played every team in the Big Ten at least once.

  • Nebraska has played Illinois ten times over the years, with the Huskers leading the series 7-2-1.  The last time they played was in 1986, with Nebraska winning easily (59-14).
  • Iowa and Nebraska had a bit of a rivalry going back in the 1930s and 1940s that briefly heated up again in the 1980s. The Cornhuskers lead the all-time series against the Hawkeyes, 26-12-2.  The first time they played back in 1891, Iowa won handily.  The last time the Hawks faced the Huskers (2000), Nebraska was ranked No. 1 in the country and won by a score of 42-13.  
  • Indiana actually has a winning record against Nebraska, winning nine out of 19 total match-ups (9-7-3). The Huskers have won the last four meetings, though. The last time they played was back in 1978, when Nebraska obliterated the Hoosiers 69-17. 
  • Surprisingly, Nebraska and Michigan have only played six times over the years, with the Wolverines having a game edge in the series. The last time these two played was in the 2005 Alamo Bowl, where the Huskers beat the Wolverines by just four points (32-28).
  • Michigan State has only played Nebraska five times, but Nebraska has dominated each outing. The Spartans are win-less against the Cornhuskers. 
  • Minnesota and Nebraska have a rich history. These two teams have played each other over 50 times, with the Gophers holding the edge in the overall series. Nebraska has won the last 14 times, including an 84-13 smashing in 1983.  
  • Northwestern and Nebraska have only played a few times, but the Huskers hold the edge in the series 3-1. They last played against each other in the Alamo Bowl in 2000.
  • Ohio State and Nebraska have only played twice over the years, both in the 1950s, with the Buckeyes winning both times.
  • Penn State holds a one game lead over Nebraska in their series, with the Huskers winning the last meeting back in 2003.
  • Another surprise is that Purdue and Nebraska have only played once over the years (1958), with Purdue winning.
  • Wisconsin and Nebraska have only played each other a handful of times.  The Huskers hold a one game edge in the series (3-2), but the two haven't played since the 1970s. 

How Nebraska will perform in the Big Ten is anyone's guess. If history is any indication, the Cornhuskers should have no problem holding their own in their new conference.