Mo Williams?

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Mo Williams?

In my previous posting I talked about Steve Nash, and how good of an addition he would be to the Toronto Raptors. I am an optimist, however, even that seems impossible. But Hey! You never know. Recently there have been rumours circulating around that the Raptors are currently in talks with the Cleveland Cavaliers about a possible deal involving Mo Williams and Jose Calderon. Hey, Williams is no Steve Nash, but he is a solid point guard nonetheless.

Both teams, without a doubt, need a new point guard. Both players have fairly similar salaries, so there really isn't much of a money issue here. This is also a very low risk move, that has the potential of having big rewards on either or both sides. If there was ever a fail safe type of trade, this would be it.

Williams looks to score, which is something the Raptors could use. The regular, pass first point guard hasn't really worked all that well for them in the past. Williams is a very streaky shooter, and when he finds his "groove", look out, because he has the talent and ability to score 20 points or more in a game when he's in his zone.

That was my quick take on the situation, now do I think Williams is enough to keep Chris Bosh around? I'm really not sure. Maybe. If Bosh does decide to go elsewhere, I sure hope Bryan Colangelo is planning on getting someone else to help out, because this deal alone isn't taking Toronto to the playoffs next season.
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