NXT 6/9/10

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NXT 6/9/10
Okay, I’ve been roped into watching NXT tonight. No play-by-play from me on this show, but I’ll just give my impressions.

Fist impression: John Morrison’s rookie is weird. Eli Cottonwood… uh, just either very little personality or he’s a sociopath, or he’s a little slow? John Morrison is trying to carry him, but… ugh.

And yay. My favorite people are on this show: LayCool and Zack Ryder. I wonder if there’s anything that I’ll enjoy about this show.

Well, John Morrison is very handsome. I can watch him any day :D

Do we really need a Miz-light?

Percy Watson… GO HOME. The geek glasses have been tried and retired by the Dudley Boys. *shiver* He also needs to stop with the “Revenge of the Nerds” smile.  He's a -good- wrestler.  He doesn't need that gimmick, in fact it could be what knocks him out of competition.

Husky Harris? You mean, fat guy with angel wings inked on his shoulders. Gotcha. Don’t care.

REWIND to Raw’s lame NXT interlude? It was just stupid. I don’t care at all. Bye guys, go be on TNA or something.

*groan* Initiation? Are you kidding me? NXT is half frat-house and half short-bus.

Unimpressed. Meh.

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