For both Izzo and Cavs, it's all about the timing

Kirk LammersContributor IJune 9, 2010

In life, so much of what takes place is about timing, in particular the sequence of events that have to happen in order to bring people and places together. That's part of my reason behind why I feel that a courtship between Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo and the Cleveland Cavaliers is going to happen eventually, if not immediately. According to our friends over at Waiting for Next Year, their sources are telling them the players met with Izzo and came away with the feeling that Izzo was leaving them for the NBA and Cleveland. I couldn't be much happier, and here's why.

In an article last week, I went through the head coaching candidates that Brian Windhorst outlined and ranked them while adding a couple of my own selections. I had Phil Jackson first, followed by Coach K, Lenny Wilkens, and Tom Izzo. I still maintain that if they could get Phil or Coach K, they should drop everything and do it, but those are both really pipe dreams, especially since the Lakers are on the footsteps of an eleventh ring for Phil and we just fired our best link to Krzyzewski in Danny Ferry. Lenny Wilkens would be a sentimental favorite, but he's probably too old to coach again. That takes me down the list to Izzo, the man who's made Michigan State a Top 10 program nationally, winning a national championship in 2000 and taking the Spartans to six Final Fours.