Dunn Likes Washington

Paul RaymondCorrespondent IJune 10, 2010

MLB.com is reporting that Adam Dunn and the Washington Nationals have started negotiations on a contract extension. They also report that Dunn likes the place and hopes something could be worked out, even if its not one of his top priorities. Is there any surprise to this after last nights start by Stephen Strasburg?

“The Nationals know how I feel about this place. I hope that something can be worked out,” Dunn said. “Again, I’m not in any hurry. It’s probably No. 10 on my list of things to worry about.”

I’ll say it again is there any surprise that Dunn wants to be a part of the Nationals right now. He’s still relatively young, only 30 years of age, and the Nationals have some promising young prospects. Actually promising, isn’t even the right word, they have some ELITE young prospects and what player wouldn’t want to play around that kind of excitement?

Did I really just say organization on the rise? Wow, that’s scary but sadly its true.

Now to Dunn and the extension, it’s not a bad idea for the Nats to try and lock Dunn up long term. He’s having one of his best seasons of his career batting .280 (his average of his career) with 11 homers and 30 runs batted in, he’s also hit 17 doubles. The 17 doubles are already half his career total and that’s after only 58 games.

Adam is saying all the right things right now, he probably really does love Washington, D.C. and what the future holds for the team. But you know what? He’s not sold on that extension yet. He placed it as the #10 thing on his priority list to do. What that tells me is he wants to make sure Washington intends to focus on winning and with him being in his prime, I can’t blame him.

By extending Dunn the Nationals can show the fans they’re committed to trying and win. It’s one thing to draft high profile players but its another when you don’t surround them with veteran talent. If you don’t well you’re just the Montreal Expos and enter a never ending cycle of developing for other teams. Oh wait, ummmmmm.