Conference Expansion: (Potential) Big Ten Expansion Odds and Ends

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Conference Expansion: (Potential) Big Ten Expansion Odds and Ends
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Divisional Alignment: Assuming Nebraska exits stage east and heads to the Big Ten , one of the most hotly discussed topic will be the alignment of the divisions.  

Of course, I am partial to only one division with a round-robin scheduling for the elite programs (sorry, Iowa) but that is extremely unlikely (a major reason for expansion is a conference championship game).

Do you divide it up East v. West?  Do you put Michigan and Ohio State in the same or opposite divisions?

Here is a rough and unthoughtful guess:

Big Division Ten Division
Nebraska Ohio State
Penn State Michigan
Iowa Wisconsin
Minnesota Michigan State
Northwestern Illinois
Indiana Purdue


Thoughts, folks?

Succession Plan: Bo Pelini has long been rumored to be a serious contender for the head coaching vacancy that Jim Tressel will leave.

Does his (potential) inclusion in the league make this succession idea more or less plausible?  Does it have any effect at all?

For me it makes it less plausible, if only slightly.  I say that because it is rare to see head coaches move within a conference.

(Except in the SEC, where they have a very sustainable attitude towards coaches: recycle!)

Still, he is a former OSU captain who grew up in Youngstown .


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