Conference Expansion: Could Pac-10 Become Pac-16? Why I'm in Favor

Matt WagnerCorrespondent IIJune 9, 2010

ESPN is reporting that the Pac-10 sent an invitation to Colorado to join the conference. They will also send invitations to Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Texas, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State in order to create an athletic "super-conference."

And if the assumed pans out, the Pac-16 will without a doubt be the best football conference in the nation. The conference would have the 2005 national champion in Texas, the 2000 national champion in Oklahoma, the 2004 national champion USC Trojans, and two upstarts in Texas Tech and Oklahoma State.

The Pac-16, if that were to happen, would be the best college football conference possible.

Not only would a tradition of winning be present throughout the conference, but the pretenders would finally be exposed at the hands of the contenders. If this were to happen, USC for example, would have to prove itself year in and year out when surrounded by the likes of Texas and Oklahoma annually, just to name a few.

There would constantly be close conference title races down the stretch, essentially making a showcase every year between the best programs in the nation.

That my friends would be a dream conference and that is why I would be in favor of the Pac-16.

(What is your opinion of the Pac-16 idea. Do you like it? Do you hate it? Sound off in the comments.)