Terry- I Still Feel Like a Leader

chelsea fanaticContributor IJune 9, 2010

.John Terry was stripped of the England skipper's job by boss Fabio Capello in February for his off-field antics.

But losing the armband has made no difference to the Chelsea centre-back's approach to the game.

He still shouts, he still encourages and he still dishes out rollickings when required - as he did during England's stuttering first half against South African Premier League side Platinum Stars on Monday.

If Steven Gerrard had not been officially named captain in succession to the injured Rio Ferdinand, you would think Terry was still the bloke in charge.

Terry, 29, said: "Nothing will ever change at Chelsea or England, whatever happens.

"I always give my opinion in the dressing room and on the field and make my presence felt, whether I'm wearing the armband or not."

Terry insists he has had no trouble adapting to being reduced to the ranks.

It hurt, but he is getting on with the job out here in Rustenburg ahead of England's World Cup opener against the USA on Saturday.

He said: "I haven't found it difficult not being captain. When I met the manager I stressed to him I accepted his decision but that one thing he gets from me is completely the same character, the same person and I'm not going to allow my head to go down and beat myself up about it.

"I am here to win the World Cup like every other player and the manager and I will do everything possible for the team.

"It was a big loss losing Rio in the week. Stevie and Lamps now take the role and they will take it on the pitch as well - but I will say what needs to be said.

"At every level I play, and at training every day, I demand the same as the manager - that everybody gives 100 per cent. Of course different players have different qualities and you can have bad days as well.

"But the minimum is to go out there and give it everything and when people see that from the players, they can accept it.

"I got questioned earlier in the season about my form.

"But you saw at Chelsea towards the end of the season we had a lot of big games and I feel I stepped up and performed at my best level and I am really pleased with that."