Wrestling's Next Invasion: Lucha Libre USA

Slam HoustonCorrespondent IJune 9, 2010

We all know “the invasion” is dominating the Internet chatter, but later this month we will have another invasion of sorts to talk about. I’m talking about Lucha Libre USA

Haven’t heard about it? Well, here’s the brief synopsis as presented on their website .


Get ready to experience the Mexican phenomenon that has developed a cult following around the world Lucha Libre. This raucous, masked wrestling experience is coming to the United States, in English for the first time ever, on MTV2.

Each week, Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors will feature high-flying, hard-hitting action from Lucha Libre USA
a new and original wrestling league featuring some of the biggest names in the sport. These luchadores will deliver incredible, never-before-seen moves acrobatic showmanship, humor, excitement, and over-the-top drama. You've never seen wrestling like this before...



MTV 2 and MTV Tr3s announced it will air 52 weeks of Masked Warriors beginning with The Lucha Libre: Behind The Mask Special on June 26.

I’m not going to pretend to know much about Lucha Libre. But, considering that it's wrestling, this newest organization has gained my attention, especially since it will be presented in English.

Their website lists ten cast members : Charly Malice, Marco Corleone, Mascarita Dorada, Octagoncito, Super Nova, Tinieblas Jr., Oriental, Pequeno Halloween, Lizmark Jr., and Neutronico.

However, the advertisement for their upcoming show at the Hippodrome in Springfield, Mass., lists several other participants as well Mini Dragoncio, Solid, Mini Park, Magno, Salsero, Tigresa, Mentallo, Pierroth Jr., Lujo Esquire, and the Puerto Rican Powers.

Even more participants were at their first taping on June 6 in Rancho Mirage, CA. You can find more information about that event on the Internet, but you will risk seeing spoilers.

And if it’s video you want, you can see a short promo here .