Ten Vicious MMA Head Kick KO's in Honor Of Mirko Cro Cop

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Ten Vicious MMA Head Kick KO's in Honor Of Mirko Cro Cop

Beautiful. Three syllables. One word. It's also an adjective. Beautiful can be used to describe many things. A 50 yard spiral through three defenders is beautiful. A new Porsche is beautiful. Many things are beautiful.

Want another thing that is beautiful in it's viciousness? A perfectly thrown kick, aimed for an opponents head, moving faster than a line drive into center field. The sound it makes when it connects is beautiful, sort of like a watermelon getting chopped with an axe.

One man has been kind enough to show us that kind of beauty. A Croatian kickboxer by the name of Mirko Filipovic. His head kicks are a thing of beauty. A vicious beauty personified into one fast moving left shin aimed for some poor sod's head.

But he isn't the only one to treat us with such viciousness (Or awesomeness, depending). There are many more who have given us awesome head kick beauty. I have compiled 10 of the greatest ones for your enjoyment.

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