What Peter Laviolette And The Flyers Need To Do In Game Six

Tyler MorrowContributor IJune 9, 2010

PHILADELPHIA - JUNE 8:  Head coach Peter Laviolette of the Philadelphia Flyers speaks to the press during media availability for the 2010 NHL Stanley Cup Final at Wachovia Center on June 8, 2010 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Andre Ringuette/Getty Images)
Andre Ringuette/Getty Images

If I were Peter Laviolette I would make these changes heading into Game 6


The Chicago Blackhawks are much more of a finesse team than the Philadelphia Flyers.  Whereas Claude Giroux, Ville Leino, and Jeff Carter have their moments where they wow the fans with a swift move, the Flyers are mainly defined by their grit and hard work.  In this article I will outline 5 ways for the Flyers to re establish themselves in the series and tie it up once again.


1.       I would scramble the Flyer’s game 5 lines but in less dramatic fashion that Coach Q did by demolishing his first line.  Here is how the Flyers’ lines were established for game 5:

a.       Jeff Carter-Mike Richards-Simon Gagne

b.      Ville Leino-Danny Briere-Scott Hartnell

c.       James van Riemsdyke-Claude Giroux-Aaron Asham

d.      Ian Laperriere- Blair Betts- Darrell Powe

The Flyers need to establish the bite the got them this far.  The Flyers fans will be pumped up beyond belief, and Philly fans love to see hitting.  If I were Peter Laviolette, I would insert Riley Cote to really stir the pot at the Wachovia Center for Aaron Asham.  Besides that one goal in game 1,        Asham has basically accomplished nothing.

Also, It seems as though Jeff Carter just does not have any chemistry with the line out there, and does not know where to be as a winger.  I would move him down to the third line center, and move Giroux back to the winger position.  This will finally give Giroux talent to work with on his line, along with hopefully sparking Jeff carter.

This is how the lines should look:

a.       Ian Laperriere-Mike Richards-Simon Gagne

b.      Ville Leino-Danny Briere-Scott Hartnell

c.       James van Riemsdyke-Jeff Carter-Claude Giroux

d.      Riley Cote-Blair Betts-Darrell Powe

As you can notice, I have shifted Ian Laperriere to the top line.  He is a fan favorite, and one of the grittiest players to wear a Flyers uniform this season.  With this move to the first line, it establishes gritty play amongst all three lines.  Also, this turns the third line into a legitimate scoring line. 

2.       Secondly, the Flyers have to come out swinging.  They have to hit Chicago hard and often.  This hard hitting mentality is what makes the Wachovia Center go crazy.  This hard hitting also disrupts the Blackhawks style of play.  I would sit my players down at the start of the game and tell them there is no bigger statement to start off the game then to hunt down Bfuglien and introduce him to the boards.

3.       The Flyers defensemen need to start hassling the Blackhawks players as they cross the blue line.  I would sit down my players and tell them to imagine that the defensive zone is your house, and your goalie is your kids.  You don’t let a criminal cross into your house unchecked, so don’t let the Blackhawks enter our zone un-checked.


These are the major changes I would make to the Flyers game plan.  This opportunity will never look these players in the face ever again, especially having such a magical journey here.  Put all you have on the line Flyers players and you have the whole city of Philadelphia behind you!