Womens Sports; A True Laughing Matter

Deno GellepesContributor IJuly 23, 2008

We all see it, but nobody wants to say it. Women's sports are nothing more than a laughing matter. I don't mind them playing, I don't mind them playing passionately...but "Professionally," It's just getting old. Instead of ticket sales and TV viewers going up, they have done nothing but go down.

It is a known fact that the talent level is far inferior to that of men. Yet also, they do nothing that entertains me. Danica Patrick (although gorgeous) has won one race that took place in Japan with a watered down field. Her altercation with opposing driver, Milka Duno, was pure comedy.

The WNBA...must I say more? Well alright, if your gonna pull my leg.

Last night's "brawl" between the Detroit Shock and the L.A. Sparks was even more humiliating for the sport than the lay-ups that occasionally find there way on to Sports Centers Top Ten Plays.

A boring game until that point, (as usual) the ladies proceeded to tackle one-another, and it eventually led to the coaches from both teams trying to break it all up.

Unfortunately, in an obvious attempt to resolve the issue, Shock coach Rick Mahorn "shoved" Sparks veteran Lisa Leslie. Leslie flopped her fall, most likely do to her un-coordination ,and now the ten faithful WNBA fans out there are calling for Mahorns job.

It saddens me that it has to come to this. Why can't the ladies just be happy they were on TV? Now it becomes a sexist issue.

I'm just dissapointed and feel that although there are a handfull of tremendous female athletes, there just arent enough to support an entire league.