NFL Fans Getting Sexier?

Jim Reed@@jdreed68Contributor IJune 8, 2010

I remember as a kid, the usual way was: The man watched the game (Regardless of the sport) and the loving wife would stay out of the way unless it was to refresh his drink.

To go back and think of that now, it seemed very odd.

Now it is very common to see everyone enjoying the game. Boyfriends and girlfriends, Husbands and Wives, Even Watching together as a family. It has always been there except in the "Grandpa days" of sports, a Woman wearing a sports jersey was a women dressed like a man, and that was unacceptable. Today however, it is not only accepted, its welcomed and encouraged. But the Best thing I have noticed Is....

NFL Fans are getting Hot!

The Above picture is very Sexy, but very tame compared to a simple "Girls NFL Jerseys" Google search. You will find things like a basic "Jessica Simpson in a Romo Jersey" to Kendra in her sexy Chargers jersey, all the way to Sexy Female fans with their favorite Team's and/or player's jersey painted on their body (Depending on how strict your search settings are).

This is not really a sudden occurrence, either. I can remember when I was a older teen talking to friends about how sexy it was that "some chick" was wearing an EAGLES Jersey in the park. Nowadays it is the norm. This begs the question:

What is it about Women and sports?

Is it the fact that they are making your team colors look sexy?

Is it some type of Fantasy? or

Maybe it's the fact that the Woman knows a mans two favorite things are Women and Sports?

There is no way a man will be able to figure out the mystical and wonderful ways of the woman. So I guess this will be a question that will remain unanswered.

What do you think?