Big 12 Left With No Leg To Stand On

Scotty McPeakContributor IJune 8, 2010

7 Dec 1996:  Head coach Tom Osborne of the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers watches the action during the first half of the inaugural Dr. Pepper Big 12 Championship game at the TWA Dome in St. Louis, Missouri.  Texas defeated Nebraska 37-27.  Mandatory
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Is it really that hard to believe that Nebraska is looking elsewhere for a new home?

Think about it. The Cornhuskers have been on several 11-1 votes when it comes to the Big 12. For instance, when the league formed combining with the dying SWAC the Cornhuskers asked to keep their Rival in Oklahoma as an annual deal. That was voted down, and they were told you can have Colorado on the day after Thanksgiving instead. Even though Nebraska protested they were told to bad. When the headquarters for Big 12 even moved south by unanimous vote, who was on the other end of keeping it neutral? You guessed it Nebraska.

The final straw had to be when Osborne (now A.D.)  and Co. asked to at least pick a neutral spot or alternate the Big 12 championship game. Big 12 commish Beebe says "it’s too cold to have it in Kansas City anymore, and Dallas Stadium is perfect because it’s a dome and such a nice facility." He's right it is a nice facility, but so are the Colts and Rams stadiums.  

Look, I'm not one of those fans that think that the Huskers got robbed in the Big 12 championship game, and that it’s some big conspiracy. I think the right call was made, and that the Huskers shouldn't have put themselves in that spot to lose the game. BUT what I will say is sit back and ask yourself, exactly what has the Big 12 done to make Nebraska feel like they want them there, or bend a little on the Cornhuskers small requests? Now all of the sudden Beebe is giving them an ultimatum that if they don’t make a decision in the next 2 weeks they will.... that’s right they will what?.... The Big 12 can't do anything. You think that Texas and the other schools will sign some sort of agreement to stay in the Big 12 or pay hefty fees if they leave?

Heck no they won't. Why would they? They know that Nebraska holds the keys to leaving this league in a shamble. Teams like Kansas are pleading with the Huskers to stay. Where were you Kansas, when Nebraska asked for your help to not let the conf migrate south? You just folded and gave into big bad Texas so too bad Kansas. As for you Baylor, don’t even get me started on your University. You’re trying to use an act of Congress to get yourselves thrown in with whatever Texas does (if they end up joining the Pac 10). Baylor only got invited to the Big 12 because the Governor was a Alum from there and would let Texas join the Big 12 unless they took Baylor too. What a joke.
Besides, who says that the Big 12 has to dissolve anyways if Nebraska leaves? Add TCU or Rice or some other Texas school and then you can have whatever you want in your little Big12 south Conf. Oh, I see now all of the sudden Texas and the Big 12 needs Nebraska to exist.

Lets face it Football is king in college athletics and Nebraska is the only team that even matters in the North and has any clout what so ever. Don't believe me okay try this on for size. Its safe to say that Kansas is one of the top 5 college basketball programs of all time if not the best, yet if this big expansion happens they will be left out to go to a second rate conference Why? Because football pays the bills everything else is just details.
So go on Texas, Beebe, and the rest of the Big 12 and give Osborne an ultimatum. When he looks right over his glasses and just smiles and watches as your so called time limit expires and you can't do anything about it to Nebraska. Think to yourself, maybe we should have just gave in a little over the last 15 years. Looks like these Midwesterners have a little more control over the football in the Big 12 them we wanted to give them credit for. Now our fate is tied to the smallest populated state with a major football program in the country.