10 WWE Matches that Cursed the Great American Bash Forever

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10 WWE Matches that Cursed the Great American Bash Forever

Current wrestling fans haven't the appreciation of the past that they should. Long before the biggest party of the summer was the WWE's SummerSlam event, the National Wrestling Alliance and oft-brilliant booker Dusty Rhodes developed a sweltering super card known simply as The Great American Bash.

Developed under Jim Crockett Promotions, the Great American Bash had everything you could possibly want from the greatest wrestlers in the world. Over the year, the Bash would showcase such epic contests as WarGames: The Match Beyond, The Texas Death Match, and the first major encounter between Sting and Ric Flair.

But as time went on, the premise dissolved as World Championship Wrestling dissipated with stale, repetitive programming. By the end of the WCW Great American Bash era in 2000, fans were being treated to Human Torch matches and more Kevin Nash or Jeff Jarrett than was conceivable at the time (10 years later, TNA finds it acceptable).

When the WWE decided to revive the concept in 2004, fans were pensive, but excited. After all, old school fans remembered when the Great American Bash had a superior quality and excellent talents. It doesn't hurt, either, that nearly all fans had been clamoring for some rise in WCW crossover since the demise of the Atlanta-based promotion in 2001.

What followed over the next six years were some of the most forgettable and obtuse matches in WWE pay-per-view history. Entering 2010, The Great American Bash had already been renamed to again distance itself from the “failure” of WCW. Then, it received the proverbial ax in favor of another “concept” pay-per-view, Fatal 4-Way. And sadly, this is definitely for the best.

WWE never had a clue of what to do with The Bash, and certainly had no earthly idea how to give it anywhere near the importance it once had. How exactly do I know this? Here's ten matches from the WWE era of the Great American Bash that will make you beg for 10 more years of the Fatal 4-Way.

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