WWE Undertaker: Rey Mysterio Will Take The Taker's Place at Fatal 4 Way.

lee raydeanCorrespondent IJune 8, 2010

Friday Night on Smackdown, Kane was in a foul, hating mood. He was pounding on everyone and everything.

He came out and made an announcement. Kane was emotional and very angry about the news of his brother. Someone found him and he was unresponsive to medical authorities.

Kane doesn't exactly know for sure what had happened at that point. However he did make it very clear that whoever is responsible for this tragedy, and anyone else that had a hand in this, will pay very dearly for this.

There will be hell to pay. Kane also said that, he will get retribution for his brother. Folks that's not a mere threat but a promise.

Does that mean that he is going to beat on Rey Mysterio? The real story  behind this tragedy is that Taker is suffering from a broken nose and broke his arm in two places.

Taker also suffered a concussion. I remember watching Smackdown that night and remember him having a bloody nose. 

Friends of mine, say that it was sloppy job on Rey's part. I don't think that's the way were supposed to down. Now Kane is out for blood. If it was an accident so be it, but just being sloppy in that ring, that may be another story. Get my meaning?

Well now Rey will be taking Taker's place at Fatal 4 Way. Hell be joining the champ Jack Swagger, CM Punk(Rey's rival)  and the Big Show.

GM for Smackdown, Teddy Long, decided to have a Battle Royal for the rest of the roster so everyone would have a chance to win and take the Taker's place.

The odds were against Rey, and Kane was the favorite. Well thats not how it went down. After all were eliminated, it came down to Kane and yes you got it, Rey Mysterio.

Kane being in the mood that he was in, was sure to be victorious. Rey was the under dog but, came out the victor.

At Fatal 4 Way, Rey will be the underdog, again. There is the champ Swaager, SES leader Punk, and the giant, Big Show. Can Rey have enough heart to be the new champ? Everyone is fair game in this match. Who do you think will win?

Who do you want to be Smackdown's champ? Leave a comment and let me know.